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General Information

Ex edgy memepage admin, online cult leader, 10+ twitter accounts suspended, 15+ ig accounts shutdown, computer science student (technically), touhou/fumo enjoyer. These are the qualities that have made me who I am today.

Honestly, I don't think it's too impressive to brag about mundane online activities that aren't even unique, I just wanted to fill this front page up with text. I'll just tell you this, at some point during summer, I decided to quit my job earlier than expected for no real reason. This led to a week or two of living like a neet until my course started back up. Going from a life of taking my studies seriously and working in a regular office job with normal people to sitting at home all day playing cs:go, war thunder and osu like I'm 16 again does something to a person.

So I went ahead and rented a VPS and bought a cute little domain name out of boredom. I may use this for practical purposes or I may not. It's hardly a portfolio site since all my actual projects are under my real name somewhere and I'd rather keep those two things seperate y'know?